The Strange Case of Lyon’s Beautiful Swan

One day, the swan princess decided to walk down the streets of Old Lyon.

She was not afraid of the cars driving down the gliding slippery surface of the roads. She had the elegance of a ballerina gliding across the pavement in front of the Saint-Jean cathedral.

When the policemen came to arrest her, she was not aggressive. She was still the swan princess of Lyon, beautiful and serene-looking.
Some swans can be seen swimming in the stream of the Saône and Rhône rivers or in the lake of the Parc de la Tête d’Or,  the biggest urban park in France located in central Lyon.
The other day photographer Jean-François Gleyze took some very original photos of the adventures of the swan princess in Old Lyon.
Jean-François Gleyze is a very talented professional photographer who is able to capture the unique atmosphere of the city of lights where the frontier between imagination and reality is always blurred. His manipulation of the functional aspects of the camera adds to the perfect design of his photos that are open to interpretation as they show the subject in an unusual manner.