Cyclists do not Respect the French Highway Code

Cyclists can practise their favorite sport in and around Lyon, especially in the regions of the Pilat, the Mont d’Or, the Dombes and the Monts du Lyonnais. However, they should always respect the French highway code, but do they?

The highway Code for Cyclists

 You must respect all the general rules of the Highway Code:

1. Always wear a helmet

2. Have a well-equipped bike

3. Have an insurance policy

4. Adapt my way of driving to the traffic conditions

4. Keep a safe security distance from the cyclist in front of me

5. Do your best to be seen on the road all the time

6. Choose an itinerary that corresponds to your level

7. Drive without endangering the others’ security and your own

8. Know what to do in case of a road accident (emergency units telephone numbers)

9. Respect the environment

10. Respect anybody using the road

12. Respect the rules stipulated by the organizers of any biking event

Drivers and cyclists must respect the safety rules of the Highway Code as they are stipulated in 414-4 I and IV 431-7 articles.


1. When over passing a vehicle or a bike, make sure you have 1 m distance in town or 1.50 m distance out of town from the over passed vehicle or bike.


2. Cyclists or motorcyclists without any side-car or trailer must drive in two on the road. Once the sun has fallen or if another vehicle wants to over pass them, they must follow in one queue.


In case you witness somebody falling out of his bike:


Do not forget to protect yourself and the victim, keep any danger away from the victim, put a safety road sign 150 m up and down the danger area.


Call the emergency services (n° 15, 18 or 112) :


1. Give them your name and telephone number


2. Tell them about the place where you are


3. Describe what has happened and when


4. Give information about the victim: age, his physical state: does he answer questions, can he move all his body parts, does he suffer from hemorrhages, injuries, bleedings…, is he weakening?


5. Give information about any dangers of fire, collision… and wait for the orders of the emergency unit


The victim is unconscious:


If he is still breathing, lay him down in a fetus-like position, take off his helmet if you can and put away any obstacle that could prevent him from breathing, cover him up.


If he does not breathe, move his head in the back, open his mouth and take off any dentals or earth…


Close his nose with your thumb and forefinger, breathe in and then out in the victim’s mouth every 2 seconds.


If he is conscious, keep talking to him and stop any bleeding, do not try to move his body.

You Can Ski Only 50 km away from Lyon

Many people usually ski in the Alps near Grenoble or Chambery, but some would like to spend only a few hours a week and ski regularly without getting up at 5.00 a.m. at the weekends.

So, where can they ski at about 50 km away from Lyon?

The Pilat massif is situated between Saint-Etienne and Lyon and provides snow-covered tracks for those who want to snow walk and ski in the woods (see our previous article).

There are three areas:

Le Bessat village-Grand Bois that offers 35 tracks to ski in the woods, snow-walk or snow-tube.
Saint-Régis-du-Coin village: ski in the woods and snow-walk.
Burdignes: 6 km away from Burdignes village: ski in the woods and snow-walk
You can ski alone or in groups, rent your ski equipment or have ski sessions.

It is going to be possible to ski in the Pilat massif in a few days since they have had 10 cm of snow today.