French Culture and Arts

French Arts

Tired of Loud Music? Listen to the French Music

The Carreau des Créateurs Celebrates the 11th Anniversary of Lyon’s Vintage Fashion Market

Glass Sculptor Vincent Breed Exhibits the Death of the World Glass Arts

Improve your French with Françoise Hardy’s Song Les garçons et les filles

Elegant and Royal French Furniture

4.48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane will be Performed in Lyon in March

Percussionist David Bruley Shares his Love for the Iranian Music

Millions of Visitors Attended Lyon’s 2011 International Festival of Lights

What Music Would you Suggest to Celebrate Christmas and New Year 2012?

Traveling Artist Catherine Barthe Expresses her Fascination with America and Aircraft

Where Can you See Contemporary Photos in Lyon?

The Portraits of British Expats are Depicted by Photographer Rip Hopkins

Art Gallery Le Réverbère Celebrates its 30th Anniversary in a Stream of Blood

Follow the Cartier Panther and Discover Wonderful Pieces of French Jewlry

French Artist Christian Disson Paints the Provence and American Cars

Is Ben Vautier a Real Artist?

Lyon’s Museum of Fine Arts is a Leading European Museum

SETTE&MEZZO Communications Agency Promotes Talented Artists in Lyon

Discover Olivier Courty’s Sails Sculptures

The Village des Créateurs Promotes Local Arts in Lyon

Have your Dream Home in Lyon

Deciding on that French Home Acessories

French Music

David Krakauer is the Special Guest of Lyon’s National Orchestra in June

Festive Sicilian Matrimia Music Group will Perform a Unique World Music Concert in Lyon

Lyon City Will Groove to the Soul and Funk Music on 30 March

Where can you Find all the Music Books you Need in Lyon?

Lyon’s Music by Sylvain Guinet

Petit Papa Noël French Carol by Tino Rossi

Music Group Déjà Vu from Lyon Plays Supergrass and the Beatles

Edith Piaf’s Milord

The Funky Bishop Went on a Tour to Lyon and Vienne in 2008

Brune Sings Rupture Song

French Singer Martin Mey Writes his Lyrics in English

Sure, France Culture is not Dead

French Cinema & Media

The French Cinema Began with the Lumiere Brothers from Lyon

Kirikou and the Sorceress

The French Media are not Reliable and TF1 is Rubbish

Beauty and the Beast is the Finest French Romance

A Canadian Parody of French TV Game Qui Veut Gagner des Millions

French Books

Unique Cook Books Published in Lyon by Stéphane Bachès

Children’s Book Illustrators and Comic Strip Writers from Lyon

The Tale of the City of Lights- I

The Tale of the City of Lights- II

The Tale of the City of Lights- III

The Tale of the City of Lights- IV

The Tale of the City of Lights- V

The Tale of the City of Lights- The End

The Most Popular French Writers in Japan

French Silk

Lyon’s Silk Industry

Silk Weaving in Lyon

The Silk Workshop of the Atelier de Soierie in Lyon

French Events

Medieval Feast of the Three Doors on 14 July in the Haute-Loire Region

Lyon’s 2001 Dance Biennal

Lyon Will not Be Boring in the Winter

Discover the Music Venues in Lyon

Nuits de Fourviere International Cultural Festival is Held Every Year

The Weirdest Cultural Event Happens in Lyon Every Year

Why did They Revolt in Lyon?


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